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About Tableskapes™

About Tableskapes™

We love a beautiful table around which we can gather with family and friends. Beautiful table settings often use fine linens and fabric runners, and although this looks stunning, it’s not practical. Spilled food and drink makes for caring for these table additions difficult. So they sit in the drawer, unused. Caring for these becomes preventative as the hassle to keep them clean is another big job added to our already busy schedules. 

We created Tableskapes™ placemats to be both beautiful and easy to care for - simply wipe clean with warm soapy water. Tableskapes™ are made of Stone Paper® and use zero trees in their manufacturing. Every Tableskapes™ placemat is double sided with matched designs on front and back - buy one set of 4 Tableskapes™ placemats, and if feels like you automatically get two!

As a printed product, Tableskapes™ are easily manufactured in North America, and are affordable, so that changing your Tableskapes™ placemats with the season is as easy as keeping your Tableskapes™ clean. Bring artwork from the walls, and enjoy them on the tabletop - Tableskapes™ can be designed to look like fabric, cold pressed paper, tile, stone, leather, wood, and even wool! 

We also believe in supporting featured artists - each featured artist earns money from each Tableskapes™ placemat sold in our Artist Series collections.

Beautiful. Low Maintenance. Affordable. Versatile. Environmentally Responsible. Artist Focused. 

Their not placemats, they’re Tableskapes™...

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