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Repurposing Tableskapes™

Repurposing Tableskapes™

When it comes time to say goodbye to your Tableskapes placemats in order to welcome in the new season’s collection, we encourage you to either repurpose or recycle your old Tableskapes™.


Can I recycle Tableskapes?

Absolutely! Recycling is easy - just toss them in with any of your "Category 2" recyclables and they will be handled by your local recycling center.


What do you mean by "repurposing"?

We are encouraging Tableskapers to "repurpose" their old or worn out Tableskapes™ for a variety of possible secondary uses. Below is a quick list of ways we have seen Tableskapes™ repurposed to extent their overall life:

Help with Gardening: We’ve seen them cut into circles to line the bottom of planters for next season’s container gardening.

In the Mudroom: In snowy and wet climates we have seen the used to line the bottom of ugly boot trays and add some color at the front door.

Handling Liquids: DIY folks use old Tableskapes™ to help prevent spills or with handling liquids - simply, roll into a funnel shape to help with adding oil to the hybrid, gasoline to the lawn mower, or extra paint back in to the can.

Protect the Garage: You can save the garage floor from oil and transmission drips by sliding a Tableskapes™ under the car to catch drips.

Worry-free Crafting: For the family arts and crafts night, old Tableskapes™ are great for keeping paint and glue on the project and off the furniture.

Simple Liners: Line the kitty litter pan or use them as shelf paper under dishes in the cupboard. The repurposing opportunities are endless!




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