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Care & Maintenance

Care & Maintenance

Tableskapes™ utilizes state-of-the-art digital printing and finishing technology, paired with revolutionary Stone Paper®, to create realistic reproductions of paint, cloth, or stone textures. As they are a coated print product, Tableskapes™ can be wiped with a damp cloth and mild soap (like dish soap) ensuring that you get many uses out of your Tableskapes™ products. 

Unlike craft paper table products that are only single use, we expect Tableskapes™ to last for a few months of daily use.

However, we don't expect them to last forever. After regular use, Tableskapes™ will begin to show normal wear and tear - this will increase based on level of use, of course. 

When they are worn out, they can be easily recycled with the rest of your household paper and plastic products, or can be repurposed to give your Tableskapes™ a second life, and last even longer!

Learn more about how you can repurpose your Tableskapes™ here.

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