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What is Stone Paper®?

What is Stone Paper®?

Tableskapes™ table products are manufactured in North America utilizing Stone Paper® as a substrate.


The primary ingredients used to manufacture Stone Paper® are a combination of rich minerals - such as calcium carbonate - and are some of the most common elements on earth. Minerals are the principle component of native elements in nature.

Stone Paper® products are made from minerals, combined with a non-toxic resin. No tree fibers whatsoever. Tableskapes™ designed products are comprised mostly of minerals, with only a small amount of binder resin.

Stone Paper® material is made using a patented mineral paper making technology that does not use water or create air pollution...

No chlorine or acids are utilized in the production process, and the resulting Stone Paper® material is completely non-toxic, and are food safe.

No trees were harmed in the manufacturing of Tableskapes™

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