Moroccan Tiles

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The Moroccan Tiles Tableskapes™ conjure visions of the spice market, aerobatic dishes in the tajine, and sharing a meal with family and friends. The pattered designs on front and back offer two unique table settings for your guests to admire and enjoy.


About Your Tableskapes™

Maintenance & Care:
Tableskapes™ are a coated printed product. They can easily be wiped clean with a damp cloth and some mild soap (dish soap). Avoid abrasive pads or powders and your Tableskapes™ will last for many uses. However, we don't expect them to last forever and will, eventually, show wear depending on the level of use. 

Double sided:
All Tableskapes™ come double sided with two unique designs. Each side is carefully scrutinized and is paired to match thematically, by color palette, or by style. Order a set of 4, and with both front and back designs, if feels like you 2 sets of 4 automatically!

Stone Paper® Substrate:
Tableskapes™ are manufactured to order, using Stone Paper®. It might look like our designs are fabric, canvas, tile, silk, leather, or wool, but actually they are all manufactured using this revolutionary material which uses zero trees, or harmful bleaches & solvents. Stone Paper® is tear resistant, water proof, grease repellent, fire resistant, 100% recyclable (Category 2), re-purposable, and more.