Prairie Frame

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Simple, but elegant - Prairie Frame Tableskapes™ are designed using neutral tan hues to match with almost any style. The subtle look of threaded fabric and framed edge allows the focus to be on your cuisine served.


About Your Tableskapes™

Maintenance & Care:
Tableskapes™ are a coated printed product. They can easily be wiped clean with a damp cloth and some mild soap (dish soap). Avoid abrasive pads or powders and your Tableskapes™ will last for many uses. However, we don't expect them to last forever and will, eventually, show wear depending on the level of use. 

Double sided:
All Tableskapes™ come double sided with two unique designs. Each side is carefully scrutinized and is paired to match thematically, by color palette, or by style. Order a set of 4, and with both front and back designs, if feels like you 2 sets of 4 automatically!

Stone Paper® Substrate:
Tableskapes™ are manufactured to order, using Stone Paper®. It might look like our designs are fabric, canvas, tile, silk, leather, or wool, but actually they are all manufactured using this revolutionary material which uses zero trees, or harmful bleaches & solvents. Stone Paper® is tear resistant, water proof, grease repellent, fire resistant, 100% recyclable (Category 2), re-purposable, and more.